Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Orphan Beard

It's time to welcome my mate Jamie back to NYC after a LONG stint of play (and well, maybe a "Little" work) in Borneo and mostly recently Kenya. Jamie apparently has been dragging a REALLY heavy camera around and bottling his own sweat in a new entrepreneurial endeavor. Some may think: Gross! I think: Brilliant! On his beard, Jamie plainly equates it to spending alot of time around hairy, orphaned animals and most simply put, "Being a hippie." Make sure to catch "Born to Be Wild" in 3-d IMAX (the film he's been working on) next April, when it's due to be released.
Until then, Jamie and his beard can be found in NYC either paddling slash falling into the Hudson River or belting out a tune at one of the several karaoke joints around town. Catch him if you can, because he's back to S. Africa again next week!