Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Digital Gnome Beard

Ok - definitely one of the stranger discoveries recently, but I'm still intrigued to
say the least. Thanks, Justin Lucero for this one. I like a good 'ol fashioned shaggy
white little person beard just as much as the next girl which is why everyone should
go out and get this game. According to the description on Xbox if you think everything
tastes like chicken and you’re fond of rubber ducks, gnomes and crows are gonna really
blow your mind.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Rich Beard

Love this take on the C-Note by La Moustacherie . It's part of a larger project redefining
how we perceive currency. Check that out HERE

Monday, October 3, 2011

Danner Beard

If ever there was a reason to wear work boots, let this be it gentlemen!
Read, set, grow your beards! Spotting this billboard my first week trolling the new
stomping grounds of Portland, Oregon, has been a GREAT reminder one of the many reasons
I moved back here. If any of the Danner boys out there want to help me with some "new
apartment" household repairs, I wouldn't object. Holler at your gurl!!! ;-)

Friday, September 16, 2011

The New ZZTop Does Yoga Beard

Ryan Leier is plainly put, bad-ass. Aside from not shaving or trimming his beard now for over 4 years, he's a yogi who has been teaching rockstars like Alanis Morissette, Ziggy Marley, Michael Franti, and most recently Arcade Fire, how to do sun salutations and downward dogs. While he's not traveling around the world tending his locks and doing headstands spreading his knowledge of this ever growing practice, he is managing the 2 studios he has opened - 1 in Saskatoon and 1 in Vancouver - pretty impressive for someone who has only himself been practicing yoga for the past 7 years.

While I had to google where Saskatoon is and have decided to use this word as a "name-all" for all sorts of everyday things, I can't think of any better motivation to return to my mat than taking direction from this lovely man. Ryan - I realize I'm not rockstar status just yet, so If I have to travel to Saskatoon, I will. Bring the band. That would be icing on the cake.

To read more, check out Charles Hamilton Bridges article in the StarPhoenix HERE:

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Grow a Beard BEARD

I was cringe-frowning when I first glimpsed at his video title labeled "TRIM." But my
frown soon turned upside down as the hair returned valiantly in a matter of seconds.
Tom - Do all of us a favor and DONT "TRIM" again. Eeks, I said the "T" word.

Trim from Petey Boy on Vimeo.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Old Saint Nick Beard

Congrats to Alix, who has very deservingly made it onto zee 'ol beard blog. Shout out to
Martha Stewart for sending our dear friend Alix to a lovely Christmas convention in Rye Brook, NY,
this last week. As a testament to how amazing GOLDEN GLOW is (that's the name of the
convention, seriously), Alix seemed to have NO trouble finding a "reason for the
season." Frankly, why should there be? The concept of facial hair is just as timeless
and festive as Old Saint Nick. Well done Alix and where's my Christmas pressie already!?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

OMG Brian Wilson Tuxedo Beard

I. Am. Speechless about this one! Best moment in sports. EVER. I'm officially going on
a mission to slither my way into the ESPY's next year. Thank you, Brian Wilson for this
moment of awe and drool. My shirt is messy, but that's ok. Apparently our camera woman
(seen below) couldn't handle herself around you either, as half the video is out of
focus and studdery. I don't blame her, but honey - if you need a steady hand next time
to "mount the equipment properly", I'm your lady. That goes for both of you -
Brian Wilson included.


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Summertime Sunglasses Beard

Sweet Summer Action! Hot off the Beard, Warby Parker has just launched
a brand spanking new collection of sunglasses just in time for the PERFECT beachy bearded
BBQ season. If you ask me, these models or their specs couldn't be more irresistible.
I'll take both of them over watermelon and a hot dog any. day. of. the. week. Warby -
where's the "package deal" "buy all" button on your website?!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Facial Awareness Beards

Ok. Ok. So I will be the first to admit these guys over at "facial awareness" are
totally schooling me in QUANTITY, but dare I argue NOT Quality. Is it just me, or
do most, if not all, of these spectacles on this site look like they would be complete
jerk-ouches in real life? I've managed to pull a few of the rare gems I still found
tantalizingly appetizing. Take a look regardless, there's some scary action up in there
also (just as a er...ginger...warning)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Beard Etiquette

--They left out one thing here: In the event of a tie (ie. not distinguishable winner
of longest / fullest beard) both men must either:

1. Compete in a tree chopping competition, topless,
2. Wrestle in a pool of mud, topless,
to determine a winner.

Monday, May 23, 2011

3-Way Helicopter Beards

Ok - real or not real - this is the question? Regardless - Gentlemen everywhere should
take this as advice - there is a LIMIT to beard grooming. I repeat - there is a LIMIT.
In this case, I believe Justin and Andy are 1 step away from the (GASP) GOATEE. Gag. Me.
With. A. Spoon. Or should I say here Gaga me with a spoon? Whatever the case, they had
me at helicopter D*** and the 90's jumpers are ridiculous. Take a look.
(Also, why has it been seeming lately that Sarandon has been popping up in all the buzz?)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Self Titled OMB! (Oh My Beard) Beard

Thanks to a proper beard exchange of tune tips (thanks Papo!) comes the ever so fresh,
OH, SO, SWEET, new record from my boy Justin Vernon, also known as Bon Iver. Justin,
I will accept this record as replacement for tucking me into bed every night, nestled
ever so gently in the palms of your sound, that is, unless you would still like to come
over and kiss me good night? (Insert bad "Bone" pun here) Seriously though, I can't
think of many things better right now than this self-titled release that has me
swooning over every dip and dive. Vernon - you've done it again.
Check out the lyrics to the new album HERE .

Image courtesy of jagjaguwar.com

Monday, May 16, 2011

Moose Champion Beard

Yes. A MOOSE. Also, a bicycle, the London bridge, and Berlin's Brandenberg Gate.
A true work of living art, 47-year-old German hairdresser, Elmar Weisser, has
done it again. He's managed to scoop up yet another international beard title in
the ever so strange and fascinating world of sport bearding. Slaughtering a whopping
160 contestants to emerge victorious, he reminds all the boys everywhere - to
try harder as men. I'm with you, Elmar! Grow long, or go home, that's what I say.

For the full press release from the competition, and more photos CLICK HERE
And thanks Rab, for the discovery!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Heavenly Beard

I believe the filmmaker appropriately opened this film with a shot of the heavens
parting for good reason. I've seen Robin Pecknold open with his band the Fleet Foxes
a few times - and EVERY occasion of experiencing his sweltering soundbox caress
my humbled eardrums has brought me literally to tears. I will even admit that I've been
so mesmerized by his sound that I've completely overlooked the lovely locks on his
face - something that I would naturally lock eyes with.

I can't encourage everyone enough to go out and snatch up their 3rd album:
"Helplessness Blues" which officially came out yesterday, May 3rd. Listen to a few
of the tracks on Indieball's blog here. Looking forward to NOTHING MORE than
to see these guys play in NYC in a few weeks.

How Old Are You? from Fleet Foxes on Vimeo.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Collared Bearded

Would you like a bow tie to go with that collared beard?
Our friends over at JCrew would gladly say YES. More proof here that the
facial dynasty isn't planning on going anywhere this Spring; it's blossoming
quite nicely like the little cherry blossoms outside my window. These groomed
lovelies probably smell just as good also. Did someone say SPRING FLING?!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Team Coco Beard

Also - In light of these recent developments, I've also done you a favor
and made some much needed adjustments of the manly variety to your fan
club logos. WILL - I'm coming FOR YOU - to put you in check, pin you down,
and watch your precious little follicles grow a pair.

Monday, April 18, 2011

GQ Eyebrow Beard

Was ELATED this morning when I grazed the newstand on the way to work
only to find my boy Zach on the cover of GQ once again! The headline
suggests "Zach is back," but my question to GQ is "where the hell did
he go?" NOWHERE - he's been around and killing it at that. My fav bearded
dreamboat can be found on Between Two Ferns; on HBO with a recurring
role in Bored to Death; on network television as two-time host of SNL,
and on the big screen AGAIN better than ever in Hangover2. The eyebrows
are a bit out of control though LIKE WHOA. Can we get some beard with
those eyebrows?

An excerpt from his GQ "Fill in the blank" interview (Zach's responses
in CAPS): “Personally, I think Sarah Palin is MARKETABLE and I would
like to BUY her.” I also got to meet KERMIT THE FROG. He was a much bigger
FROG that you’d expect. The biggest downside was he is CONDESCENDING
IN REAL LIFE. We shot [The Hangover II] in Thailand which is fun because
there you can GET INTO FIGHTS WITH PACKS OF STRAY DOGS. People should
know that global warming is caused by RUSH LIMBAUGH‘S FARTS. So our
response should be to mandate that HE LIVE IN A SUBMARINE OFF THE COAST
OF FLORIDA. I would be a very good dad, the kind where people would say,
“That’s Zach Junior; his dad is the one who SPANKS ALL THE CHILDREN

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Brrrrrr Beard

This one has been sent to me from my dear friend Vincent Siskey,
more fondly referred to as Vincenzo. High atop a mountain somewhere
knee deep in Colorado right now, I love his determination to keep
winter around as long as possible - traveling anywhere there still
might be snow. While the rest of us are lounging poolside in NYC
today, I believe Vincenzo has earned his well-deserved spot on zee
beard blog. Vinny - I would melt those sicles sooner than you can
say Hot Chocolate, just come back to NYC in one piece first, OK?

Circuital Beards

OMG. Epic moment this morning trolling NPR'S All Songs Considered blog.
EPIC EPIC new record coming out in May from our (semi) bearded friends My Morning Jacket. These guys are KA-KA-Killing it! Wondering why there hasn't been any news of NYC concert dates on their recently released touring schedule. Jim James - I'm talking to you - make it happen, bearded loverman. Also, thank you for the ear orgasms this morning - I've been having so many epiphanies listening to this its ridiculous.

For the past six weeks, the band has been offering a free download of a live track from each show. Download them on their WEBSITE or HERE Scoop up their deluxe box set releasing in May - GREEN VINYL, what?!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Watercolor Beard

I recently discovered the work of Spanish painter José Manuel Hortelano-Pi. This 26 year old's detailed watercolor portraits serenely and delicately capture a sense of urgency through the use of the medium combined with the chosen subject matter. Detailed, vibrant, and ethereal, he also has mastered the art of the beard. Big ups José, come have an exhibition in the states soon! Would love to chat you up and stroke you down...err..your beard, that is.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Little Dragon Beard

Had a great little discovery today while trolling Jay-z's new blog Life and Times . He's got a great interview up on the Swedish quartet called Little Dragon.Led by front woman Yukimi Nagano, their sound is electronic, soulful (are there hints of Erykah Badu in here, or is it just me?), hypnotizing, at times minimalist, and completely devoid of any guitars - a fact that surprised me for some reason. While every interview I could find online about this group is focused on Nagano, I couldn't get past salivating over their keyboard player Håkan Wirenstrand. So what if I can't currently pronounce his name correctly - have you seen that beard?! I just hope by the time this NYC island warms up and Little Dragon FINALLY makes it here on tour, that he hasn't had a facial change of heart...errr...hair.

Mass respect for a hip-hop head like Jay-Z to be appreciating so many worthy cultural gems that transcend genre, labels, and industries. It really is a sign of the times and I LOVE IT.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Major League Beard

The most brilliant follicle of beard advertising possibly EVER.
Warlock, ninja, beard olympics, BEARD - now we're getting somewhere, Brian.
With lots of little random surprises hidden in the nappy folds, make sure to catch some happy trees with the Bob Ross look a-like before returning to your other internet trolling. Not sure how this relates directly to baseball - but who CARES. This is the ONLY person I'd want to hit a home run with and its not on a baseball field.

Pet the virtual beard HERE

Mega-fun Beard

Indie folk songsters Megafaun have recently released a new video for their song "Carolina Days." Beautifully art directed, well executed, and full of humorous nuances that put their own spin on the history of North Carolina, this left me grinning and heart happy. I have to say - the actress in this kind of stole the show. Loincloths, british soldiers, "clown" tents, and BEARDS...my only criticism: next video: BEARDS. MORE. BEARDS.

Snatch up Megafaun's latest release heretofore here.

New Yorkers can also catch a stroke or 2 at their upcoming show on April 16th at the Music Hall of Burgness.

Images Brooklyn Vegan