Monday, April 18, 2011

GQ Eyebrow Beard

Was ELATED this morning when I grazed the newstand on the way to work
only to find my boy Zach on the cover of GQ once again! The headline
suggests "Zach is back," but my question to GQ is "where the hell did
he go?" NOWHERE - he's been around and killing it at that. My fav bearded
dreamboat can be found on Between Two Ferns; on HBO with a recurring
role in Bored to Death; on network television as two-time host of SNL,
and on the big screen AGAIN better than ever in Hangover2. The eyebrows
are a bit out of control though LIKE WHOA. Can we get some beard with
those eyebrows?

An excerpt from his GQ "Fill in the blank" interview (Zach's responses
in CAPS): “Personally, I think Sarah Palin is MARKETABLE and I would
like to BUY her.” I also got to meet KERMIT THE FROG. He was a much bigger
FROG that you’d expect. The biggest downside was he is CONDESCENDING
IN REAL LIFE. We shot [The Hangover II] in Thailand which is fun because
there you can GET INTO FIGHTS WITH PACKS OF STRAY DOGS. People should
know that global warming is caused by RUSH LIMBAUGH‘S FARTS. So our
response should be to mandate that HE LIVE IN A SUBMARINE OFF THE COAST
OF FLORIDA. I would be a very good dad, the kind where people would say,
“That’s Zach Junior; his dad is the one who SPANKS ALL THE CHILDREN

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