Friday, October 12, 2012

Artfart Beard

Richie Culver may be proof that having a beard may actually get you places in life.
Like sped up the ever-so-social "art world" ladder. Let's be clear here.
I'm not complaining about: seeing his face everywhere more often modeling, painted,
or trolling magazine content. Richie - I'll even come to every art show of yours,
just as long as you and your beautiful facial locks show up to greet me.

Images from Mr. Porter

Monday, October 1, 2012

Beer Beard

John Maier, of the beloved Rogue Brewery in Newport, Oregon, may be the singular reason I abolish my long-standing no-beer-diet. Although I admit I'm not quite sure I fully understand how a magical yeast cell from Maier's beard eventually becomes something I drink in a pint glass, who needs to really know the science when this studly hunk of man is behind the bar? Brewmaster: let me name this wondrous invention for you! I'll accept all sorts of hairy trades as payment for utilizing my marketing mind ;-) KPTV - FOX 12

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Busted Beards

This is precisely why (well, close) I moved back to my oh-so-hairy-heaven of the Pacific NW.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Postiche Beards

I'm not gunna lie. I had never heard of a "Postiche" until today. I even had to google
it to determine the authenticity and origin, if any, of this word. That said, I was
pleasantly surprised this morning when my friend Alix sent me JULIAN WOLKENSTEIN'S LINK
to one of his latest projects entitled "The Postiche Collection." Produced with
Paul Sharp, this is the most creative exploration of a gender study I have seen in
awhile, it's beautifully and meticulously executed, and calls attention and criticism
to my favorite aspect of the male physique. Well done, gentlemen.