Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Little Dragon Beard

Had a great little discovery today while trolling Jay-z's new blog Life and Times . He's got a great interview up on the Swedish quartet called Little Dragon.Led by front woman Yukimi Nagano, their sound is electronic, soulful (are there hints of Erykah Badu in here, or is it just me?), hypnotizing, at times minimalist, and completely devoid of any guitars - a fact that surprised me for some reason. While every interview I could find online about this group is focused on Nagano, I couldn't get past salivating over their keyboard player HÃ¥kan Wirenstrand. So what if I can't currently pronounce his name correctly - have you seen that beard?! I just hope by the time this NYC island warms up and Little Dragon FINALLY makes it here on tour, that he hasn't had a facial change of heart...errr...hair.

Mass respect for a hip-hop head like Jay-Z to be appreciating so many worthy cultural gems that transcend genre, labels, and industries. It really is a sign of the times and I LOVE IT.

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