Friday, July 29, 2011

Old Saint Nick Beard

Congrats to Alix, who has very deservingly made it onto zee 'ol beard blog. Shout out to
Martha Stewart for sending our dear friend Alix to a lovely Christmas convention in Rye Brook, NY,
this last week. As a testament to how amazing GOLDEN GLOW is (that's the name of the
convention, seriously), Alix seemed to have NO trouble finding a "reason for the
season." Frankly, why should there be? The concept of facial hair is just as timeless
and festive as Old Saint Nick. Well done Alix and where's my Christmas pressie already!?

1 comment:

trevor said...

and to think i met alix on the subway when she got her newspaper stuck in the closing doors. i can only imagine what kind of people she might meet if she got that beard stuck in the subway doors...