Thursday, March 4, 2010

Weird Beard

Honestly don't know how I feel about the absence of the full stash here, but I'm mysteriously intrigued. After pursuing a professional basketball career and injuring himself, Stalley moved from Ohio to New York to pursue music. In 2008, he collaborated with fellow Ohio native, Terry Urban, on the mixtape release "Goin Ape" in addition with opening for Mos Def on tour. Currently Stalley has been working with ALIFE and GFCnewyork.This much is true: Homie's beard is popular enough to push some serious product, and steps away from my front door at that:

This busy beard has also recently released his 2nd project titled "MadStalley: The Autobiography" where he pens his journey and experiences over re-worked Madlib productions.

From an initial listen to his recorded albums vs. the live sessions I've seen, his recorded music leaves something to be desired, while you don't want to miss his heart-throbbing, beard busting, good karma of seeing him perform in the flesh:

DD172 Sessions: Stalley, Currensy & Javelin Jam Session from GFCnewyork on Vimeo.

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