Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mountaintop Waterdrop Beard

So I may be late in the game with following all of actor Joaquin Phoenix's shananigans developing over the past 2 years, -Perhaps its his enormous, natural, lack of manscaping - chinpiece that's got me strapped to this story now.
In any case, this seems WAY too slick to be honest. -His "brushed-up, but scruffed out, just crawled out of a cave," look, that cave being "Hollywood."
It leaves me to wonder if this is the next era of entertainment, brushing it into a category with Bansky's Mr. Brainwash scheme. One is left to wonder. And drool, although it's a rare occasion that I would go on a record and say Joaquin may be JUST as handsome brushed out, scruffed out, even smooth as a baby's bottom. LOVE IT!

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