Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Team Coco Beard

Also - In light of these recent developments, I've also done you a favor
and made some much needed adjustments of the manly variety to your fan
club logos. WILL - I'm coming FOR YOU - to put you in check, pin you down,
and watch your precious little follicles grow a pair.

Monday, April 18, 2011

GQ Eyebrow Beard

Was ELATED this morning when I grazed the newstand on the way to work
only to find my boy Zach on the cover of GQ once again! The headline
suggests "Zach is back," but my question to GQ is "where the hell did
he go?" NOWHERE - he's been around and killing it at that. My fav bearded
dreamboat can be found on Between Two Ferns; on HBO with a recurring
role in Bored to Death; on network television as two-time host of SNL,
and on the big screen AGAIN better than ever in Hangover2. The eyebrows
are a bit out of control though LIKE WHOA. Can we get some beard with
those eyebrows?

An excerpt from his GQ "Fill in the blank" interview (Zach's responses
in CAPS): “Personally, I think Sarah Palin is MARKETABLE and I would
like to BUY her.” I also got to meet KERMIT THE FROG. He was a much bigger
FROG that you’d expect. The biggest downside was he is CONDESCENDING
IN REAL LIFE. We shot [The Hangover II] in Thailand which is fun because
there you can GET INTO FIGHTS WITH PACKS OF STRAY DOGS. People should
know that global warming is caused by RUSH LIMBAUGH‘S FARTS. So our
response should be to mandate that HE LIVE IN A SUBMARINE OFF THE COAST
OF FLORIDA. I would be a very good dad, the kind where people would say,
“That’s Zach Junior; his dad is the one who SPANKS ALL THE CHILDREN

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Brrrrrr Beard

This one has been sent to me from my dear friend Vincent Siskey,
more fondly referred to as Vincenzo. High atop a mountain somewhere
knee deep in Colorado right now, I love his determination to keep
winter around as long as possible - traveling anywhere there still
might be snow. While the rest of us are lounging poolside in NYC
today, I believe Vincenzo has earned his well-deserved spot on zee
beard blog. Vinny - I would melt those sicles sooner than you can
say Hot Chocolate, just come back to NYC in one piece first, OK?

Circuital Beards

OMG. Epic moment this morning trolling NPR'S All Songs Considered blog.
EPIC EPIC new record coming out in May from our (semi) bearded friends My Morning Jacket. These guys are KA-KA-Killing it! Wondering why there hasn't been any news of NYC concert dates on their recently released touring schedule. Jim James - I'm talking to you - make it happen, bearded loverman. Also, thank you for the ear orgasms this morning - I've been having so many epiphanies listening to this its ridiculous.

For the past six weeks, the band has been offering a free download of a live track from each show. Download them on their WEBSITE or HERE Scoop up their deluxe box set releasing in May - GREEN VINYL, what?!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Watercolor Beard

I recently discovered the work of Spanish painter José Manuel Hortelano-Pi. This 26 year old's detailed watercolor portraits serenely and delicately capture a sense of urgency through the use of the medium combined with the chosen subject matter. Detailed, vibrant, and ethereal, he also has mastered the art of the beard. Big ups José, come have an exhibition in the states soon! Would love to chat you up and stroke you down...err..your beard, that is.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Little Dragon Beard

Had a great little discovery today while trolling Jay-z's new blog Life and Times . He's got a great interview up on the Swedish quartet called Little Dragon.Led by front woman Yukimi Nagano, their sound is electronic, soulful (are there hints of Erykah Badu in here, or is it just me?), hypnotizing, at times minimalist, and completely devoid of any guitars - a fact that surprised me for some reason. While every interview I could find online about this group is focused on Nagano, I couldn't get past salivating over their keyboard player Håkan Wirenstrand. So what if I can't currently pronounce his name correctly - have you seen that beard?! I just hope by the time this NYC island warms up and Little Dragon FINALLY makes it here on tour, that he hasn't had a facial change of

Mass respect for a hip-hop head like Jay-Z to be appreciating so many worthy cultural gems that transcend genre, labels, and industries. It really is a sign of the times and I LOVE IT.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Major League Beard

The most brilliant follicle of beard advertising possibly EVER.
Warlock, ninja, beard olympics, BEARD - now we're getting somewhere, Brian.
With lots of little random surprises hidden in the nappy folds, make sure to catch some happy trees with the Bob Ross look a-like before returning to your other internet trolling. Not sure how this relates directly to baseball - but who CARES. This is the ONLY person I'd want to hit a home run with and its not on a baseball field.

Pet the virtual beard HERE

Mega-fun Beard

Indie folk songsters Megafaun have recently released a new video for their song "Carolina Days." Beautifully art directed, well executed, and full of humorous nuances that put their own spin on the history of North Carolina, this left me grinning and heart happy. I have to say - the actress in this kind of stole the show. Loincloths, british soldiers, "clown" tents, and only criticism: next video: BEARDS. MORE. BEARDS.

Snatch up Megafaun's latest release heretofore here.

New Yorkers can also catch a stroke or 2 at their upcoming show on April 16th at the Music Hall of Burgness.

Images Brooklyn Vegan